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25 March 2011

Move all the things?

The week began with such possibilities in terms of creativity and life. While nothing has crashed or burned, spending most of the week awaiting a life-changing decision to be made sapped away almost all energy and creativity.
The hours spent editing felt fruitless as each hour that passed was an hour without a future. Then, after an epic adventure with corporate human resources, the word came; my roommate and I are officially approved to move to a new place. The stress which previously ate up all waking hours (and some sleeping ones) exploded into excitement over having secured a new residence. However, today that elation has once again slid back to Stressville and my ability to focus seems irreparably shot.
So here’s my query: When life keeps attacking you in various ways and attempting to quash your creativity – and when you have the bulk of your time eaten away by ‘necessary’ life activities like, oh say, moving – how to you maintain/regain a little time and energy to be creative?

For the record: I hate moving. I’m a homebody to the extreme and do not like having myself and all my possessions displaced. I love traveling, but I need a centralized base to return to every once in a while that I know and think of as ‘home.’ Having my living situation thrown into complete chaos and uncertainty for over a year has been one of the most mentally and emotionally taxing experiences thus far in my life. Despite all the insanity to come, I am extremely glad to have found a ‘new home.’

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  1. i hate moving too...you'll be ok though babe. :) promise


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