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15 March 2011

Adjust Me?

Not sure if my mind exists in a different habitat than the majority of the movie going public, but I found myself just kind of whelmed by The Adjustment Bureau. I likes me some Matt Damon, and Emily Blunt doesn’t usually annoy me, and both were good in the film. The writing was strong, though I feel that the performances carried it well and in the hands of a lesser cast and director it might not have been as engaging. The story I found intriguing and didn’t feel too let down by the explanation of the whole system, but overall I’m not feeling too positive about the experience.
I will say that as an English major and history buff, I did have a bit of an issue with a section of the reasoning behind the Bureau and how they decide when to fully allow free will (anyone who’s studied Imperialism and the so-called Dark Ages should take issue with blanket statements about those periods, positive or negative). And while I did feel connected to David and Elise, both as characters and with regard to their relationship, I did desire a little more development in the way they connected so quickly. As my gal pal Tishy stated at their first encounter, “It never happens like that,” and she’s right. Generally speaking, none of that obsession-masked-as-love ish happens like that in real life. And if it does, especially to that extent, most rational people would sick the cops on Matt Damon. I’d love to believe in the dippy romantic aspects of life, but we just aren’t tuned like that anymore.
Still, it was a fun ride, with an almost bullshit free explanation of the reasoning behind and function of the Bureau, and some pretty awesome doors I’d like to be able to run through.

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