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04 March 2012


Taken from my first experience using the Omm Writer for Mac (it's astonishing what programs actually work when one updates their operating system...):

The epicness of this is not lost on me. The screen is white, save for a few sparse trees, their branches bare. Chimes ring steadily in the background as a little chirp accompanies each click of the keys. This is the typewriter of the internet age. Take out the real distractions and just bloody write.
I cannot click on another tab to distract myself with facebook, twitter, or any of the dozen other go to distraction sites. Everything is wiped from the desktop, leaving me alone with my thoughts... and these chimes.
All right, in all honesty, the chimes could be a little less new-agey. Then again, I'll take a bit of new age chiming over the draw to drift to some other distracting destination.
I don't even really know how to get out of this. I just opened the program and this is what appeared to me. I may very well have to go typing into the night until my eyelids droop and I just let the computer go to sleep. I mean, sure, I could pause in this typing exercise and go looking for something to get me out of here, but that would defeat the initial purpose.

Then again, I can only take so much of these chimes. Those at least I need to figure out how to change...
Oooh. New chimes. These are deeper... still new agey, but more like windchimes plus a singing bowl than something you'd hear in the background of an Enya track.
Third series of sound is... melodic. Ish. If you like music that sounds like it's been filtered through water and the lovechild of Phillip Glass and Danny Elfman. Yeah. Not for me.

I got the font to change to something more akin to my style. The background can shift as well to either all white (far too daunting for me), or a light shade of grey. That will be good when I go into a dark mood, but for testing out the program, I rather enjoy the winter-esque landscape. Must be the Stark in me. (I'd like some Stark in me, IYKWIMAITYD...)

Ahhh.... so I CAN minimize this little bugger (and put it on silent if I want my own theme music while writing). That's good, overall. What I'd really like to be able to do is set a timer and/or word count goal on here so the program won't minimize until the timer runs out/I hit my goal. That, in my procrastinating little mind, would create an ideal program.
Even with the odd new age bells.

All in all, for a program that's designed to keep you focused on writing, the Omm Writer does a pretty good job. Though the minimize and close icons are still there if you wiggle your mouse, they are well off at the top (and on the opposite side one is used to) and therefore the temptation to drift away, while still there, is not so easily accessible. The free version lacks a few features I'd like to have, but for someone starting on the path of distraction-preventing software, Omm Writer and I could become fast friends.

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