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05 March 2012

Doctor Feel Better Viewings...

Back in the day when I felt under the weather, I'd curl up with some VHS tapes of The X-Files. In more recent days of yore, I chose to see if one could really wear out DVDs with a smattering of teen comedies (Can't Hardly Wait, Bring It On, the John Hughes collection, Better Off Dead, etc.). Since entering my mid-twenties and embracing the inner-anglophile there's been a surge in Brit TV and movies.
This current go around with some unknown viral attack on my sinuses and energy levels I decided to post what I've been watching to see if I can glean anything about myself from said viewings. I somehow think not, due to my current inability to focus/think/walk for more than five minutes, but I like making random lists such as this sometimes...

Currently playing: The Vampire Diaries, Season 2, Disc 2 -- Mason Lockwood gets skewered, everyone glams it up for the masquerade ball, Jeremy suddenly becomes really hot, Digital Daggers have a fantastic cover of a classic 80s tune, Elena gets kidnapped by really old vampires running from an even older vampire, and Damon confesses his true feelings for Elena.

Over the Weekend:
Firefly - Our Mrs. Reynolds. Christina Hendricks + Whedon = we're all going to the special hell
Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest - AKA Way too many Special Effects Cloud Really Important Exposition, and then Jack Dies and Barbossa Returns. Plus, scruffy, asshole Davers is really hot.
Doctor Who - The Time of Angels. Ser Jorah Mormont + The Doctor + River Song + Amy Pond = dream team
Grimm. This show is just fun.
The Cooking Channel. Default 'there's nothing else on' channel.
Sherlock - A Study in Pink & The Blind Banker. Because, duh.
Platypus Day AKA Phineas & Ferb Marathon. We all need a little secret agent platypus vs. hapless Germanic villain action in our lives.

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