"I am at a loss to conceive how a man should permit himself to write anything that would be truly disgraceful to a woman, or why a woman should be censured for writing anything that would be proper and becoming for a man."

12 January 2011

The Dangers of Taco Bell Dinners

Or: Why I should not watch anything involving technology and Summer Glau before sleeping

I'm pretty sure it was the new burrito with the flaming hot Fritos which tipped the scale...

Last night I experienced some of the most vivid dreams I've had in quite some times. Some of them involved friends and co-workers, which is a trend as of late since all I do is work, theatre, occasionally binge drink and pass out from exhaustion. Still, others became quite imaginative.
In one, hummingbirds hounded me like I was a sugar-coated feeder, which would have been cool for anyone who likes little objects flitting around them incessantly like nature's hurtling disco balls. Though there was a point where Merlin (don't judge) managed to slow down the little aerial monsters so I could appreciate their minuscule beauty before they resumed chasing me... and then my sweater became coated in bird crap and I washed it with a sponge which turned its deep turquoise into sunshine yellow -- a color that looks terrible on me and caused me much sadness.
Another dream involved tossing and turning in bed, constantly looking at my alarm clock and dreading the time when my alarm would go off that was so real when I woke up I was extremely vexed with my subconscious as I thought all that had actually transpired and yet still had fifteen minutes until my real alarm went off. Brought back memories of the dreams where I wake up, start my morning routine, sometimes even leave the house, all realistically vivid, only to wake up and still be in bed needing to 'really' do all those things.
The one that made me pat my subconscious on the back, however (even though it's a warped idea), was this dream:
In the not-at-all-distant future, scientists working for the government were either ordered or decided it would be a nifty idea to implant long-term suggestions into our minds to lead us to one specific event. After much trying and some success with mundane and even inspiring ideas, they decided, as science and the government working in cahoots always do, to attempt using this power for military 'gain.' Using some sort of sketchy brain technology (it was never clear if was an implant or Dollhouse-esque electrical mind manipulation or some combination), the idea they implanted in two individuals was for them to become involved, romantically, with each other in college, marry shortly thereafter, then enter into a suicide pact and kill themselves. The concept being that an idea that serious and intense might not take because it defied inherent survival instincts.
These two individuals do connect in college, but don't end up together. The woman meets another guy in college, she marries him shortly after and they start a life together. The guy dates a string of women during and after college, finally marrying in his late twenties. Just before he turns thirty-five, his wife unexpectedly dies of an illness. Having long ago given up on their Romeo & Juliet of mindwashing, the government leaps with joy when the implant kicks in for the man after the death of his wife (Yes, they keep tabs on them. Their parents are plants for the love of conspiracy.), while the scientists start to worry (guilt after the fact -- that's science for you). The man becomes obsessed with the woman he dates in college and reforms a friendship with her. Though she's a little creeped out by the guy, the woman is also inexplicably (she thinks, poor soul) drawn to him. They embark on their odd and slightly creepy friendship and all seems eerie-yet-well until hypno-boy starts getting a little obvious with his obsession. Woman starts to worry just about the time her husband becomes suspicious and before she can say, "I've made a horrible mistake and something terrible may happen," her faux-Romeo goes nine shades of Godfather assassination attempts on her and her family and, well... then I woke up.

My subconscious was apparently too uncomfortable to follow through with this story line, so I offer it up to the universe for a conclusion. Unless I come up with one first. And if some day I see this unfold in a movie or bestseller which doesn't come with a paycheck for me, consider yourselves served.

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