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13 October 2010

Still WHINING, Louis...

Attempting to keep the horror-train creeping along at the pace of a depressant-drugged-up snail, I watched Interview with the Vampire on Blu-ray for the first time. Even without an HDTV I must say that the sumptuous costuming, lighting, and production design made it worth the $12 I spent on a movie I already owned on DVD.
I hadn't watched it in probably four years, and there was much in it I remember loving that I still loved... and issues with it I still have. I mean, I love me some Antonio Banderas and will gleefully gave at his Spanish hotness regardless, but who the hell thought casting him as an ancient French vampire in an American-laded movie when he could barely speak English was a good idea? Pretty, yes. Smart, no.
However, for all its faults and oddities, I truly prefer the film adaptation of this novel to its source material. The pace is better, there's less of Louis whining, and aging Claudia up a couple years makes her relationships with Louis and Lestat much more believable (and less creepifying in a reverse-child-predator way). There's also a level of attention to detail in creating the world that the film excels with in a way most 'horror' movies would have ignored.
Plus, it has one of the best endings of any vampire movie ever. Lestat jumping out from behind the reporter after he's fled Louis, feeding, taking the convertible's wheel, making appropriately disparaging comments regarding Louis' emo tendencies, turning on his charm, then driving off into the night blasting an epically awesome Guns 'N Roses cover of "Sympathy for the Devil" -- it doesn't get much more fawesome.

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