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05 September 2010

Phonely... I'm so phonely

Well, it is September, thus the horridness of August should be behind me. And it (sort of) is, excepting the fact that my phone decided it does not care to work for me and so quit life. For someone who once shunned the idea of iPods and audiobooks and still cringes at the Kindle, my dependency on handheld technology for theatre and life is scary. I feel as if a part of myself has been torn from my side and I no longer remember how to converse with people outside of texts, keypad emails and social networking. I mean, speak to someone face to face? Type out a long email? Pshaw!
In less than three weeks I became a Droid Junkie and have now lost my source for a fix. It's rather terrifying how hooked I became on that adorable little scrap of plastic, metal and wires. It's almost more horrific how slow life moves without the constant stimulation... not to mention how many people are emailing me expecting me to answer questions to which I would have an answer by now if I had the ability to actually call and talk to another being. This is quickly becoming an exercise in patience for more than just myself... which I suppose is actually a good thing. The eerie speed at which I became plugged into that device and used it to rely on, well, everything extends to people I communicate with as well, and that my friends makes us all little tech junkies.
My proposal for the remainder of this Labor Day weekend: trust that you will acquire all information you need at the time you need it. The universe shall provide answers when necessary (and likely not before). And if you find yourself getting aggravated or frustrated with the lack of speed and efficiency with which ANYTHING is being accomplished or communicated, think back on the old days before cell phones, email, 3G networks, streaming Netflix, instant downloads, and all the technological advances of the last 10-15 years we now take for granted. Contemplate the days when people had to pick up a landline phone to call someone, and if no one was home, or the line was busy, they simply had to wait and call back later. Imagine a world where if you wanted to get together with friends you had to plan trips weeks, if not months, in advance and had to communicate all details via handwritten letters.
If this does not give you temporary pause and (hopefully) cause you to slow down a little and appreciate what advantages we now have at our fingertips, or worse you cannot fathom these things, maybe it's time for your iDrone or Crackberry or laptop and you to take a vacation from each other for a couple days. Go outside, take a walk, or maybe even read a book. A real one. With pages and print that are physically present and not just converted ones and zeros made to look like a book with text.
While I realize the contradiction in proclaiming this over a blog that I will selfishly promote across the interwebs, once this entry is pimped I am going to sort laundry, pick up clothes, possibly wash some dishes and yes, go read a book.

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